We specialize in the manufacture of quality automobiles.


With the collaboration and work of the world’s best brands. We are exclusive importers and exportes of the leading international trainers and more exclusive brands. Also including our own brand as exclusive MRF Performance Design coaches with lighter and stronger materials market.

We have a catalog of exclusive preparations Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin, Chevrolet Camaro-Corvette, Ford Mustang, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Dodge, Maseratti, etc. Contact us and ask for quotes on the best custom preparations exclusive to your vehicle.

We have different alternatives the highest “quality” of the original parts you are looking for. The most common parts are ready to be sent directly from our warehouse. We have US fast shipping companies for parts that are not yet available. We have all types of products and lubricants for vehicle maintenance. We know the right oil is very important for your car. We also have material for rallyes and racing teams.

We work on all phases of your vehicle from customized body kits, exclusive wheels, brakes, exhaust system, sport suspensions, interior and multimedia equipment. We have all kind of performance, from an increase in engine horsepower to new racing motors over 850hp.

We have laboratory where our designers will create body kits in different composites as carbon fiber, duraflez, carbon-kevlar, fiberglass, and new nanotech graphene . Create your own unique and exclusive body kit as well as Whells rims the best alloys as titanium, magnesium, aluminum forged parts 1,2,3, valvetronic system, brakes system, and other products aproval.

To give life to our body kits, work closely with our member companies who have modeling and computing scanning technology of last generation, then scan a prototype to real scale 3D, with a robotic arm cutting by numerical control (CNC). In which guaranteed the accuracy of parts according to the design of modeling of any of our composites.nuestro level of demand is maximum, for MRF-PERFORMANCE nothing is impossible, we will make all the dreams that our clients can imagine. Our vision of being the best designer and supplier of Europe is our “Star Guide” and their safety as a customer.


All activities are of the highest quality in design and manufacturing. Nothing is impossible, the company meets almost every dream car your customers can imagine. Your car will be more prestigious, beyond anything was beautiful and original. Our company does not skimp reducing supply costs in materials and low quality components, as other providers do. We are proud to satisfy our customers both in search of high quality products, and exclusivity. We only supply the parts to the level of quality, excellence and benefits we expect for ourselves.



ford racing


We are Industrial supplier of nano-tech materials and other components. Our company works with the latest developments and are one of the pioneers in incorporating nano-tech to its derivatives for the automotive sector.
Alarms service which makes it possible to locate people and vehicles at any time and place, the real-time monitoring of their itineraries and the processing of the alarms available according to each device (SOS button, unauthorised towing, power cut, speeding, entrance/exit into a certain area, itinerary).
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